Regina:  I lack belief in any god(s), defaulting to atheism, which is more justified and reason-based than blind-faith, irrational theism.  I side with PZ Meyers in his recent debate with Jerry Coyne--it is impossible that atheism could ever be falsified by evidence which would motivate a change in belief to theism.  Discuss.

Simone:  Although Greta Christina prefers the word "conclusion" to the word "belief," I think Maryann Spikes (see comments in "conclusion" link) makes a good case for sticking to the word "belief," and I admittedly believe provisionally that God does not exist, and that atheism is a more justified and reason-based belief than theism.   I side with Jerry Coyne in his recent debate with PZ Meyers--I believe atheism is (and ought to be) falsifiable.  Discuss.